What can I borrow from Diana Slederosas? – Loans

Choose loan amount on the cover of Diana Slederosas. Create a profile by entering your personal information. Sign with your personal NemID. While waiting in front of your computer, we will check your information and approve or reject your loan application. Receive the money in your Dertakoloras. Borrowing money is an important decision     […]

Crowdfunding: the E-Money can finance the capital of your company

To finance their capital, companies have different options: personal contribution, profits put in reserve, fundraising, etc. Traditionally, during fundraising, it is Business Angels, and venture capital funds that invest in companies. But these investors are looking for companies with high growth potential and in which they can have a decision-making role. They will also require […]

Who borrows money

Who borrows money ? We believe this is a question that comes to your mind every now and then. If you are among the people who care about finances, do not worry you are not the only ones we have tried and managed to help. Are you aware of the moments when banks, friends and […]

The Big Home Savings Bank Summary

For a long time, I have been promising a synopsis of home savings plans, so I dedicated myself to writing the Great Home Savings Summary for you. Because the topic is big enough, I put it in dots to make it easy to understand. What is a Home Savings Fund or LTP? A state-sponsored savings […]

Co-ownership: borrowing money to finance works, a good idea? | Loans

The association of co-owners has decided to have works carried out in the building, a project that requires a plan and resources. A loan for co-ownership, the solution to finance everything? Analysis and tips. The building you co-own will sooner or later need a makeover, major or minor renovation work. In addition to the urgent […]