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The reason why someone chooses to borrow from abroad without Muncha is very different. The first cause is certainly that the loan is taken up by a bad Muncha. On the other hand, nobody should see that a loan has been taken. Loans from private lenders for difficult cases. This also applies to current account overdrafts and bank overdrafts.

Credit from abroad without Muncha


Why someone without Muncha chooses a foreign loan is very different. The first cause is certainly that the loan agreement was concluded by a bad Muncha. On the other hand, nobody should notice that a loan has been used. Often, consumers opt for a foreign lender without Muncha, because it is a pity.

Anyone who has been denied a bad Muncha will be unsuccessful at another house bank.

Lending takes place in the Federal Republic basically with credit check. The refusal is again an introduction to Muncha, and any banks that are asked to apply for a loan will be out again. The Munchascores will be so deep that there is no incentive.

In this way you can conclude foreign lending without Muncha to avoid this check. There is the so-called in Lichtenstein. There, the credit institutions have the permission to German citizens from abroad without Muncha to submit a loan application. If you have a good Muncha, you might want to keep it that way.

If you apply for a loan in a few years, you need a good Muncha for a larger loan.


In order to prevent this, you take on a foreign loan contract without Muncha. In this way, there is no entry into the Muncha. Subsequent borrowing is not risky. If you already need a loan, you can choose this option.

The Muncha test can thus be easily avoided. An application abroad must also be passed through with obstacles. If you meet the basic requirements and are able to meet them, you will receive a foreign loan without Muncha.If you are interested in a foreign loan without Muncha, you must first know the terms.

The Muncha will not be audited, so a further review of the credit institutions will take place. The loan is granted to income recipients. This income has a minimum amount abroad, which must be respected. The vast majority of lenders require a net income of USD 1300. So the house bank can recognize, whether a garnishment stands on the bank account or on the wage.

If the rating is positive, a loan commitment will be made after this review.


Anyone who can not meet the basic requirements of the foreign bank will not receive a loan. Finally, there is a chance to raise a personal loan. There are service providers with Muncha exam and others without. Loans without a credit check can be quickly identified with a loan comparison.

Again, income is higher than Muncha’s, and the benefits of this loan are that many of them take security. Again, a second borrower can help to get the loan. Without Muncha there are under certain conditions no foreign credit. First, the income can be too low.

The credit line also contributes to credit exposure. The loan without Muncha is granted abroad only up to an amount of 7500 USD. However, should the client just reach the wage limit, he will not receive it. Only those who are far above receive the maximum loan amount. Without Muncha, a loan from abroad can only be accepted under certain conditions.


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